About Angel Black Designs

New beginnings are happening every day . . .
grab hold of one and make a positive change.”
My name is Dawn Marie and I was born in New York City.  I am a self taught artist and poet.  I began painting and creating poetry in 2005. Natural painting ability runs 3 generations deep.  In 2008, I pursued my desire to be creative and started jewelry making. With over 14 years of retail and business experience, the wonderful result was Angel Black Designs.  My creative environment consists of my two animated Lovebird parrots, Myley and Delilah. They have inspired some of the designs and paintings and are a never ending supply of energy and antics. When I design, I am transported to another world and I try to bring out that in my pieces.  I have learned many techniques and skills which I am constantly perfecting.  I hope that my passion for life, love and the world around me comes through when you view my work.
Some people ask me what my favorite color is.  I simply answer “I am an artist, I love all colors. They just change from day to day or even hour to hour.”
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  May your journey be a wonderful one and don’t forget to follow your dreams!

Black Is In For 2016

Why black is obviously our favorite color. Even I had my favorite peach made dressed in all black over at Custom Amiibo.

Accessories are not only there to add on to your outfit. There’s also a good logical reason something ought to be worn and in some cases, be omitted entirely. Listed here are four explanations why a black shawl is a popular choice for women.

It is Basic.

A black shawl is a fundamental piece of accessory. When you want to wear something that can keep you warm without looking too bulky, a black shawl can be the best choice. If you want to look more decent, and you have on a dress that is anything like that, you can wear a black shawl to cover up and still look fashionably sexy. The color itself is very necessary. Black is one of the most famous choices of color, and it is the most essential as everyone should have black in their closet. It is like your little black dress or your favorite jeans. It is that basic as can be.

It is Simple.

A black shawl also is a lot easier than most accessories. Wearing one doesn’t need a great deal of fuss because it is intended to be just draped over your shoulder. You can just tie a knot to secure them in position, or you can simply hold it every once in awhile. This is ideal for someone that doesn’t give too much importance to the art of dressing up or you just put on whatever that you could find and what is convenient and event appropriate.

It is Traditional.

There are lots of cases when a black shawl is viewed to be traditional. In certain beliefs, a black shawl is among the key pieces of clothing that one must wear when visiting a burial and mourning their dead. Mostly, it’s worn by placing it on top of their head instead of the usual which is to drape it over the shoulder.Besides that, it’s also a conventional manner of dressing up. For people who have a conventional way of dressing up and accessorizing, a black shawl is certainly one item that is most certainly always on the list of what to wear.

It is Versatile.

The most important reason for the popularity of black shawls is its versatility. Not only is it because it is in black which you can practically match with anything, but it can also be worn in many ways and many occasions. You can even wear it casually and in formal circumstances. You can wear it while wearing jeans and then wearing it with a gown. That is the beauty of versatility.

It saves you from splurging on more items, and it also answers your wardrobe dilemmas. Especially today that everyone is experiencing a financial recession, it is very important that one must know how to help herself when it comes to adjusting and being able to maintain her lifestyle even if on a tight budget. With a black shawl, you can do all these; be able to stick to your fashionable self and at the same time being practical with it.

Who’s Going To Fashion Week 2016?

Every year Fashion Week comes along and I know I can’t wait.


We have all become fans of fashion and one event that enlightens about the latest fashion trend is the fashion week. Lovers of fashion week closely follow these events and this year’s 2016 fashion week is not different. The showcasing normally happens during; winter, summer, fall and spring. Fashion week takes place in different cities making the number of fashion weeks to be around one hundred thirty. The most famous and attended fashion week is the New York fashion week which kick starts the fashion event and the other common fashion weeks are; London fashion week, Milan fashion week, Paris fashion week. In this fashion week designers like Dior, valentine, Chanel, Calvin Klein and even Marc Jacob showcase their product by having the models wear them.

fashion week 2016The 2016 fashion week is highly anticipated and it is finally here, the show begins in New York and then goes to London, and in this year’s fashion week we will have around one hundred and twenty six shows. One ought to know that the fashion weeks are not a public event shows therefore one should not just attend without the ticket or invitation, it is not open for public. The most invited people to the event are media personalities and public relations people as they are the one who will promote and pimp up the event on social media, also famous designers and those that sell clothes. Some celebrities are also invited as many come with the designers or media personalities, and that answers the question the fashion week is not for everyone it is for those high and mighty.

Fashion week 2016 is expected to be better than the other fashion weeks, it already started in New York now we are awaiting the other states to hold theirs. So get online and see the schedule of the other fashion weeks and be a part of this fashion industry.