A Guide To Canopy Bed Curtains

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to update your bedroom décor, then why not consider a suspended canopy bed curtain? Easy available from both high street and online retailers, these gauzy, light weight bed curtains are designed in such a way that you can either wrap them around a four-poster bed – or the cheaper version – simply suspend them from hooks screwed into the ceiling above your existing bed. You get an instant new look in your room for about $20-50!


Canopy bed curtains come in a range of colors, to coordinate with your bedroom, and styles. There are super feminine, pink and frilly ones – perfect for a little princess – or there are simple sheer panels that are less feminine and more suited to a grown-up’s bedroom. While checking out the bedroom you can also spice up the living room with an awesome Couch and Loveseat Set.

Some styles of canopy curtains hang from a rectangular or hoop shaped frame which is suspended from the ceiling – a rectangular frame will make the curtain hang more squarely over a bed, whilst a hoop frame can be set toward the top end of the bed to create a less structured feel.

There are also some bed curtains that are simply suspended from four hooks in the ceiling above the four corners of the bed – I particularly like this look as it is the least structured and in the right lighting can almost look like the canopy curtain is floating in the air like a gentle cloud.

Most canopy bed curtains come in sizes to suit all kinds of beds and are made from polyester netting, so are easy to clean, either by hand, in the washing machine or dry cleanable. They also serve the additional purpose of acting a mosquito guard if you live in warm climates. It is also possible to customize your canopy bed curtain with ribbons, appliqué motifs and beads, so you can let your imagination run wild and really create a super new look for your boudoir!



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