Why Buy A Bowflex Treadmill?

Bowflex has been designing and building state of the art, engineered exercise equipment since 1986 when they first exploded on the scene with their revolutionary Bowflex home gyms. Since then however, the company has branched out in multiple directions in the exercise equipment arena with new and improved versions of several standard forms of equipment including of course treadmills.

A Reputation for Quality and Durability

Bowflex currently features three models of solidly constructed treadmills in their lineup that range in price from $1100 to $1999 MSRP. Also, just like all other items of equipment that carry the Bowflex name, their treadmills have a reputation worldwide for quality and durability.

Bowflex Treadmills Comfort and Convenience Features

However; aside from quality, Bowflex treadmills also have several unique standard features that designate them the preferred product in a crowded market. Its these comfort and convenience features that are going to allow you to get far more use out of your Bowflex treadmill and you can see more on our Bowflex m5 site then you would with a lesser quality competing product.

Strike Zone Padded Deck Suspension

bowflex machineFor instance, Bowflex “Strike Zone” padded deck suspension system lessens the impact on your lower body from your hips on down through to your knees ankles and feet. This is highly important, because repetitive motion injuries are something that you should be proactive about, particularly if you are over the age of thirty.

Other Standard Features

Bowflex treadmills also feature a three speed built in cooling fan option that makes longer workouts so much more pleasant. Other standard comfort and convenience features include 12 level intensity setting, hydraulic resistance, multiple speed settings, LCD readout windows, as well as incline adjustment up to 45 degrees just to name a few.

Easy Folding Function

Easy folding space saving function, as well as smooth functioning built in base rollers mean that stowing your Bowflex treadmill between workouts is a cinch. Another option is you don’t have to worry if you get the Bowflex PR 1000 Model. However; there are a few non tangible features that you can’t see that help to set Bowflex treadmills apart from the crowd.

Bowflex Ironclad Guarantees

Items, such as Bowflex ironclad guarantees that bring piece of mind and insure that your Bowflex will provide trouble free service for years to come. They start with 15 years on the complete frame and 10 years on the motor. Its 2 years on all parts and electronics and one year on the labor. Bowflex also makes available more extended warranties that can be purchased separately.

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